Vision & Mission


The vision of the HRIET is to establish institutions of excellence with focus on producing engineers/managers/pharmacists with positive attitude and scientific temper, well-equipped with professional skills to understand problems and harness acquired expertise for solving problems and achieving desired results.


The mission of the HRIET is to search the latest professional breakthrough  and modern system imparting pragmatic knowledge and flexi skills in order to survive in the most competitive environment of today by catering the needs of the industry.

Acknowledging our commitment towards quality and systematically streamlined working, the quality certifying authority has awarded us the ISO 9001-2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certification. This certification means that we have an established system for monitoring and examining of academic procedures like lesson plans, completion of syllabus and manuals for the millennium. A well established hierarchical and organizational structure, authority system, documentation procedure, safety and security system have inspired the certification authorities to award the institute the coveted ISO-9001-2000 certification making the Institute par excellence.


The HRIET  Motto is a unique blend of excellence, pragmatism which is envisioned in the following semiotic diagram