This department has basic Electrical Engineering, Network, Microprocessor and Application, Electro Mechanical Energy Conversion I & II, Control System, Power System, Power Electronic and CAD Labs.

Basic Electrical Engineering lab caters to the needs of first year students of all branches.





This lab is very essential part of Electrical Engineering in which students are made familiar with the electrical connections, how they are made and practically how circuit gives response.

Microprocessor Lab, experiment performed related to arithmetical logic unit, interfacing and various programme related 8085 and 8086 microprocessor and different types of micro controller.




In Electrical Measurement lab, various parameters (e.g. Temperature, pressure, capacitance, Resistance etc.)

are analyzed and measured with help of different modules (AC&DC Bridges)

Machine lab fulfills the requirements EMEC-I, EMEC-II and EMAC (ME) engineering students of IInd- IIIrd year students.




This lab contains the experiments like V-curve of Synchronous motor and synchronization panel for alternates.

Control laboratory is used by B.Tech III year students. This laboratory is having different setups for the study of various topics of control systems.





Power electronic lab is equipped with 8 hardware setups consisting of all types of power convertors and oscilloscopes for measurement.

As per new university norms, there are experiments based on simulation. Simulation based experiments are MATLAB Software.





There are 10 computers for simulation based and ten connections provided in Power System Lab.

CAD Lab is fulfilling to the needs of the advanced facilities. PSPICE is one of the most successful circuit simulation programs.





It can be used for non-linear dc, non-linear transient and linear ac analysis problems.