This lab is equipped with Izod/Charpy Impact Testing Machine, Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testing M/c, Deflection of beam apparatus, Moment of Inertia, Simple & Compound Gear Train etc.

This lab gives the basic knowledge of Mechanical Properties of material and verification of some theorem.



The Department having workshop equipped with Modern lathe machines, Drilling Machine , Grinder, Gas Welding, Arc welding M/c. Workshop having Machine shop, carpentry shop , sheet metal shop, Black smithy shop, welding shop and fitting shop .

It gives the knowledge of usage of carpentry tools, sheet metal tools, handling of basic machine which is used in every manufacturing industries.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

This lab is equipped with Meta-centric Height apparatus, Measurement of surface tension, conduction of orifice apparatus, Flow measurement through Orifice meter and Venturimeter, Pitot static tube apparatus.

The uses of this apparatus give the knowledge about the determination of flow measurement and fluid properties .

Fluid machinery Lab

This lab is equipped with Francis turbine Centrifugal and Reciprocating pump, Hydraulic Ram, impact of Jet apparatus.

These equipment give an idea about how the hydro power plant works and how the head of water may be raised through pump.

Theory of Machine lab

This lab is equipped with Governors, Gyroscope, Static and dynamic balance apparatus, CAM apparatus.

It gives an idea about different mechanism used for conversion of energy



Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

This lab is equipped with Vapour Compression refrigeration test rig Unit , Air Conditioning Test rig unit, Window type air conditioning, Expansion valve and evaporator.

This gives an idea about functioning refrigerator, AC, ice plant and Cooling Tower etc.

Heat & Mass Transfer Lab

This lab is equipped with Pin fin natural and force convection apparatus , Conduction through composite wall apparatus, two phase heat transfer apparatus, Free/ natural Convection in tube, Stefan Boltzmann apparatus, Parallel and counter flow in double pipe heat exchanger, Thermal conductivity of insulating slab.

These experiments give an idea about how heat transfer takes place through conduction and convection and radiation

Measurement & Metro logy Lab

This lab is equipped with vernier caliper, micrometer, tachometer, Pressure measurement tutor, Stain measurement and Temperature measurement Tutor.

These give an idea about calibration of measuring tools and how these tools are used in industries.

Manufacturing Science Lab

This lab is equipped with Surface grinder, Milling Machine, Shaper machine, Spot Welding, Pipe bending machine , wire drawing and washer cutting machine.

In this lab one can learn how these machine can be operated and what are the application of these machines

CAD lab

This lab having computer installed with CADIAN & Pro-E Software.

These software are used to drafting and designing of machine components.

Material Science & Testing lab

This lab is equipped with Maudling Press App, Fatigue Testing m/c, Muffle furnace, Double disc Polishing m/c, Spring Testing m/c, Universal Testing M/c.

These equipment are used for destructive material and view the micro structure of a materials

Automobile Engineering Lab

Gear Box Apparatus, Differtial Gear Box, Ignition System, Fuel System, Steering system, suspension and lubrication system.

This gives an idea about the different components of an automobile

Applied Thermodynamics Lab

This lab is equipped with Gas Turbine, Steam Pressure Turbine, Reaction Turbine, Steam Engine, Domestic Refrigerator, Morse Testing, Boiler s model.

This lab gives an idea about the application of different thermodynamics law in different Devices.